Mr. Lewis is 47ys old and a United States Citizen. Although he was born in Guyana, he has not been there since arriving in the U.S. at 6 years old. The defendant was raised in Brooklyn New York and lived with both of his parents, Oswald Alexander (Ossie) Lewis Senior, his father, and Gloria Loretta Lewis, his mother. Mr. Lewis is the youngest and the only boy out of the family of six. The defendant has three sisters. Oldest to youngest: Dr. Arlene Lewis, Wanda Lewis, and Sandra Hall Lewis. The defendant went to many different schools growing up in Brooklyn New York, as his parents moved up the social and economical ladder and moved into better neighborhoods. The defendant and his family settled in Brooklyn NY at 3421 Glenwood Rd in 1979.

In recent years before the incident, Mr. LEWIS worked for many different companies and created many businesses. The first of those to actually become a company was in 1998..when he had the idea to sell advertising space to local businesses, music companies and clothing companies. He created Gotham Outdoor Media, a small 8-sheet billboard company operating in the city of New York. Lewis began to place 6′ by 12′ galvanized steel panels on building walls around the city. Then in 2000, he created a music and publishing company called Brooktown Entertainment, short for the borough in which he grew up (Brooklyn).

Growing up, Lewis worked for various fortune 500 companies, Allstate Insurance in his fathers office, UPS, and Verizon for whom he worked for over a decade as an underground splicer, phone repairman, central office tech and air pressure maintenance person throughout Queens and Manhattan. He sustained an injury on the job and subsequently used all his money from his 401k and his savings to begin his entrepreneurial ventures.

He first bought and renovated homes in Brooklyn. He then established two thriving businesses in Brooklyn under the Brooktown umbrella: BROOKTOWN APPAREL WOMEN’S FASHION COMPANY, located at 782 Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn NY and BROOKTOWN ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, the latter helping numerous fledging up and coming talents in the music industry.

Oswald owns a studio and worked with producer Claydes Smith Jr, the son of deceased Claydes Smith from the soul Group Kool and the Gang. Together they produced music videos and over 100 tracks in just a few short years. Lewis’ businesses experience and his natural instinct to research and learn, plus his ambitious nature, has led to many successful outcomes. Additionally, Mr. Lewis had no time for wasting. he was always busy creating and taking care of his three children, and he was very successful at both business and parenting.

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