David Stern Affidavit


Docket No.: 14-cr-523 (lLG)

I, DAVID STERN, ESQ. duly admitted to practice law in this court hereby affirms the
following under penalties of perjury.
1) I was appointed counsel for Oswald Lewis through CJA.
2) As part of our preparation for this designated complex case, I consulted with a
renowned ballistics expert and made an application for his retention and payment
under CJA. The Court granted that application.
3) Professor Peter R. DeForest then conducted an examination of the documents
reflecting the location and origin of ballistics evidence at the site of the charged
4) Professor DeForest advised me that the examination revealed that the location
and type of shells and bullets recovered in the front of Mr. Lewis’ apartment,
indicated that all the shot had been fired by the United States Marshals into the
room and towards the direction of Mr. Lewis. He initially found that at least one
bullet which was found in the wall of a house across the alley from Mr. Lewis’

apartment was in consistent with the testimony of both, New York City Police
personnel and United States Marshalls. In a nutshell, it is my opinion that had

Professor DeForest been called and testified at trial, it would have made it likely that
Mr. Lewis would have been acquitted of the Assault charges related to the United States
Marshalls, and the impeachment of those Marshalls may have created reasonable
doubt, as to all the charges in the case.
5)In the weeks before March 7,20L6, the day the trial was scheduled to begin Mr. Lewis and I informed the Court that Mr. Lewis did not want me to continue representing him. After vacillating on March 1, Mr. Lewis said he agreed to my continuing as his attorney.
6)However, between March 1’t and March 7th Mr. Lewis decided that he did not want me to continue as his attorney on the case, because, among other reasons, I
would not agree to argue to the jury that he was not guilty of possession of the
weapons found in his apartment.
7) Consequently Mr. Lewis’ family retained Robert Feldman, Esq. to substitute for
me. Mr. Feldman was present in court on March 7 and indicated to me that he was
prepared to take over as Mr. Oswald’s attorney.
8) The Court denied Mr. Feldman’s application to substitute for me and would not
hear Mr. Feldman’s application. The Court directed that I serve as Mr. Oswald’s
“legal adviser”.
9) Mr. Lewis never called or subpoenaed the ballistics expert Professor DeForest


David Stern, ESQ.

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