Family History

Mr. Lewis’ parents, Ossie Lewis and Gloria Lewis, were born in Guyana and migrated to America separately.  Lewis’ father came to America first with Arlene and Wonny Lewis, his oldest children.  The mother and the two youngest children, Oswald Lewis Jr and Sandra Lewis, stayed in Guyana until their father was settled.  A few years later, Oswald, his mother and sister arrived in the U.S. and joined Ossie.

They first resided on Howard Ave in Brooklyn New York, where they all lived in a small two bedroom apartment in 1973.  Lewis’ mother worked in the Bronx as a home keeper for Stuart Newman, an attorney, and his wife.  Lewis’ father was working at what was then Chemical Bank in Brooklyn New York.

Later the family visited Guyana to get their belongings and return to America, where they settled on 93 St. in Brooklyn, NY.  Lewis’ father left the bank and became a supervisor for a warehouse distributor in Brooklyn.  Years later Lewis’ father took the exam for his insurance license and began working as an insurance agent at the Equitable Life Insurance Company in their Madison Square Garden office. 

Lewis’ mother soon left her job as a house keeper and began managing a beauty salon after graduating from Wilfred Academy, to follow her dream of owning a salon.  The family then moved to 2215 Newkirk Ave in East Flatbush in 1976, into a large three bedroom apartment on the 5th floor.

Years later Lewis’ father became a top salesman at the Equitable Life Insurance Company.  An associate told Lewis that Allstate Insurance Company’s Compensation plan was more favorable for insurance salesmen, so Lewis’ father applied.  He became even more successful as an insurance agent and moved the family into their first home in the Midwood section of Brooklyn NY, at 3421 Glenwood Rd. 

There, the Lewis Family had space and all the kids had their own bedrooms and all the necessary things that come with a nurturing home.  Lewis’ mother stopped working at the suggestion of his father and became a housewife. The family was stable and enjoyed the life they had. 

Lewis’s father soon took his broker’s exam, became an insurance broker and operated his own office.  The first office was in the basement of Sears and Roebuck on Rogers Ave in Brooklyn NY.  He later moved to office space at the intersection of Flatbush and Nostrand Aves. 

Lewis senior became even more successful in his field being, one of the best Allstate Brokers in his district. This gave him the opportunity to live the American dream.  His salary and commission skyrocketed and he was now a member of the million dollar round table of life insurance agents throughout the country, who were considered Allstate insurance’s high earning brokers. 

Lewis’ parents began to travel with Allstate on business trips and on their own.  The house was often left to the older sisters to watch since all the siblings were in their teens.  This gave Oswald adequate room to wander away from his taskmaster father. 

Lewis’ father passed away suddenly in 1995 at the age of 57 from an acute heart attack. His mother sold the home in Freeport Long Island and the home in Brooklyn NY and moved to Maryland to be around her sister and brothers. She resides there to this day.


Arlene Lewis, Mr. Lewis’s oldest sister is 55 years old and a graduate of New York University. She received her masters at Howard University and Interned at Rutgers University.  She worked as an obstetrician until opening her own practice. She practices in Conyers, GA. as an Internist, seeing patients on a daily schedule.  She is married to Dr. Kent Barnswell, who practices alongside her.  Dr. Lewis has three children from a previous marriage, Danielle Martin, Deandra White and David White, who are all graduates of Spellman and Howard University.

Wonny Lewis, Mr. Lewis’s second sister is 53 years old and was married young to a military Sergeant.  She was the first sibling to leave the home on her own.  She is now divorced and also worked in the medical billing field.  She is currently an Event planner in the Beltway Center in the MD, DC area. 

Sandra Hall Lewis, Mr. Lewis’s third sister is 49 years old and lives in Atlanta.  She is self-employed and works in the medical billing field, running her own medical billing company called “Hall and Associates”.  Sandra has two children, Terrell who attends Alabama University and Teresa Hall 11. 


Monica Matamoro is Mr. Lewis’ wife of 25 years and is the mother of his youngest daughter, Kellian Matamoro. Monica is a retired Project Manager from Verizon Communications where she worked for 29 ½ yrs.  Monica has two other children from her previous marriage, Anthony and Krystal Pereira.

Alijka Frazier was Mr. Lewis’ high school girlfriend and is the mother of his 2 older children, identical twins Dominique and Dominae Frazier.  Alijka Frazier is an employee at Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). She has been employed at the MTA for over 15 years.

Dominique Frazier is Mr. Lewis’ oldest daughter and is currently attending York College. She works at the United States Post Office. 

Dominae Frazier is Mr. Lewis second oldest daughter and is currently employed as a letter carrier at the United Postal Service.  She has not returned to school since her father’s incarceration due to financial restrictions. She shares a two bedroom apartment with her twin sister.  She works full-time to allow her sister to finish school so she can then return to school herself.

Mr. Lewis’ daughters were all students at Virginia State University (VSU) 2012 to 2014, until Mr. Lewis’ arrest.  Due to the loss of income stemming from their father’s incarceration, they were unable to continue their college education. Only two of Lewis’ daughters are currently enrolled in college in the tri-state area and all are employed in order to continue their college education.

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