Arlene Lewis – Sister

Honorable Judge Leo Glasser,

This letter is written on behalf of my brother Oswald Alexander Lewis Jr. fondly called Jay by his family. These two years have caused grave stress in our family. His current incarceration has taken a toll on my mother’s health causing her Diabetes to be out of control. Traveling out of state for visitations leaves her weakened, taking three or four days to recover.

Oswald is the crazy glue in our family. Whenever he is around we are literally in stiches. His motto is “look on the bright side”. He is also the negotiator during times of conflict always seeking a peaceful outcome. Needless to say we have been anxious about his physical and emotional well being and his safety.

My three children have spent many summers with my brother exploring the historical sites, amusement parks and shorelines of New York and New Jersey. One of his favorite pastimes was teaching them American and World History. He always had summer bookclubs, giving them philosophic novels and engaging them in stimulating conversations. It is with great pride that I can say that his encouragement has influenced their success in school and in college. His nieces and nephews have seen how hard he works when he was with Verizon and when he was at his store in Brooklyn.

Our family unit is small but united. Oswald is deeply loved and surely missed. We are anchored in prayer as we await a full resolution of his current status.


Arlene A. Lewis MD and Family.

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