Daniel Martin – Niece

To Whom It May Concern:

The Honorable Judge leo Glasser:

I’m writing this letter for Oswald Lewis Junior my uncle. I miss my uncle very much and his absent is more then noticeable within our family dynamic. From the time I can remember, my uncle has been a positive influence in my life. Such as making sure I went to ben on time as a child making me turn off my Nintendo, to giving me great advice during my college and young adult years. Our relationship has transition into a great friendship, and I’ve watched him work hard over the years.

He as many people in our family are very smart and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Not only did he work for Verizon for over 10 years, he was able to own multiple homes as well as his own clothing business.

I am pursuing a career in Real Estate and he has had many conversations with me to encourage and give me knowledgeable about home buying process to help me in those aspirations. I know my uncle is a good person. My Uncle has a giving heart and a wonderful sense humor. I hope that he can come home soon so we can continue to make great memories as a family.

Yours, Truly

Daniel Martin.

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