David J. Whyte – Nephew

Honorable Judge Leo Glasser,

My name is David J. Whyte the first nephew of Oswald Alexander Lewis Jr. This letter is written on behalf of my uncle Jay. I love my uncle and I really miss being able to talk to him on a regular basis. My father wasn’t there during my younger years. Uncle Jay was and still is the father figure I my life. I have had a lot of fun summers with my uncle. For the 22 years that I have been alive, I have known the man who would make sure the family was good and made sure all of his nephews and nieces were taking care of. I miss being able to talk to him about life, relationships, history and school. He has encouraged me to stay in school and offered advice on how to avoid mistakes that can change my life. I still remember the morning I woke up to the news that my uncle had been arrested, I was afraid and confused because my uncle has always promoted peace and love. The stories that I have heard after my uncle’s arrest is completely different from the man that I have known during the 22 years of my life. I truly miss and love him.

Thank you for considering my letter in your decision.

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