Officer Bobby Lewis – Retired NYPD

Dear Honorable Leo Glasser:
My name is Bobby Lewis. I am a retired police Officer. I have been with the New York City Police Department (NYPD Shield #6922) for over twenty years. During my tenure your Honor, I have seen it all, the good and the bad aspects of policing. Being a policeman in NYC has it’s own challenge’s, every NYPD officer knows this fact. Sometimes we do get things wrong, but in our pride we still stand strong together. This is who we are. “Once a police always a police.” I respect my peers, but I must say “They have the wrong man this time.”
I write this letter on behalf of the defendant “Oswald Lewis.” No relation to me. I have known Mr. Lewis (#85350053) for over 29 years and I can tell you your Honor this young man’s character and who he is. I would put my reputation on the line to stand behind him. Mr. Lewis comes from a family of law enforcement background family, his father Oswald Lewis Sr. was an (ex CID) Detective from South America (British Guyana). His grandfather Percival Solomon Prince was a Police Captain from (British Guyana). His uncle Skip Roberts was the Chief of the Police force and his uncle Edwin Solomon was also a police from (British Guyana). Some of these family members eventually migrated to America at some point and time, and developed and maintained the Guyanese Police Association in Brooklyn New York.
This family is very well respected not only in the Guyanese community but also throughout the surrounding boroughs particularly in Brooklyn and Long Island. Mr. Lewis has made some criminal mistakes during his teenage years as he was also trying to find himself when he was much younger, but since his father’s passing (twenty years ago) Mr. Lewis has made some adjustments and changes in his life for the better. He is a great, honest and very intelligent young man. I know Mr. Lewis is not the violent man, he’s being portrayed as. It is very troubling and hurtful to me to see this man’s life crumble your Honor, for something that should have never happened. In my strongest opinion, if it would have any effect, I don’t know. What I do know your Honor is Mr. Lewis is taking a terrible fall and deserves a chance to remain a good and effective citizen in this world.
I would respectfully ask you, your Honor to take a careful look at this defendant before a “miscarriage of justice” takes place and good man, his mother, children, siblings and entire family suffer tremendously and the decades of his contribution to the society would have been in vain.
Respectfully Yours,
Retired NYPD (6922)
Officer Bobby Lewis.

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