Valence Williams – Family Friend

Re: Oswald Lewis Jr.

My name is Valence M Williams, Senior Vice-President with Aegis Capital on Wall St. I have been on Wall St. for 20 years, I also served on Community board 14 for 10 years in Brooklyn and an ex member of 1000 Black men of New York. I am reaching out because of my family’s friendship with the Lewis family. I have known the family for many years, I grew up in Guyana with Mr. Lewis’s uncles. The family was always well respected, they excelled in academia and sports.

I have known Oswald Lewis Jr. from very young age. His mother is a Paragon of virtue, his father was a very successful businessman who excelled in the insurance business. Oswald Lewis Jr. is a brilliant young man a good father and husband.

I understand the issues that Oswald Lewis Jr. is currently facing. He indeed accepts responsibility and is hoping that he has a chance for reformation. The ability to defend him self in the courtroom demonstrates that his intellect could be used in a better way.

Thank you all in advance for your help and support to Oswald Lewis Jr. in this important time.

Respectfully yours,

Valence Williams.

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