Deandra Dela-Amina Whyte – Niece

Honorable Judge Leo Glasser,

This letter is written on behalf of my uncle Oswald Alexander Lewis, better known as uncle Jay. For as long as I can remember uncle Jay has been the “rock” in our family. He was always the one creating, planning, and organizing our family holidays and trips. Uncle Jay has been a great role model to my siblings and myself because he has always pushed the importance of education and continuing school. Growing up he would give us books about history, philosophy, relationships and even finances; and when my cousins and I would see each other over the holidays and summer vacations he would quiz us in an open discussion forum to see if we had read the books and what we have learned. I looked forward to these discussions about politics, relationships, life and history growing up. Uncle Jay has always provided us with a space to grow and learn outside of school.

I have fond memories of my Uncle Jay picking my cousins and I up from my grandma’s house on summer days and taking us on the best trips. We looked forward to summer days simply because we knew Uncle Jay was on his way. He would take us to Coney Island, Six Flags, King’s Dominion and sometimes just a day shopping at the mall. Uncle Jay is like a second father figure to my siblings and I.
I cannot explain how heavy our hearts have been and the toll that this have on our family.

My uncle’s arrest has been very difficult for my family. Uncle Jay is a good man, who played a huge role in our family. We love and miss him. Uncle Jay always made sure that we were ok and constantly reminded us to always take care of each other. My grandmother has taken this the hardest as he is her only son and she has had to travel back and forth in order to make his visitations and this has been extremely hard on her body, and has affected her health. The stress has been overwhelming for her. Our family prayer everyday that this to shall pass and that Uncle Jay will be home again with us very soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. I wish you the best.


Deandra Dela-Amina Whyte.

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