DeForest Affidavit – All shots from police

State of New York:
County of Westchester

Peter R. De Forest, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
I am a retired Professor of Criminalistics at John Jay College of the City University of New York. I have been qualified as an expert in forensic science and testified in numerous courts. Attached is a copy of my resume.

• In the case of United States v. Oswald Lewis Iwas retained by Mr. Lewis’ attorney David Stern, and paid under the Criminal Justice Act, to conduct a forensics investigation of the scene of the conduct at issue in the case at 144-47 175th Street, Queens, N.Y., based on documents provided to me by the Attorney.

• I conducted such an investigation and concluded, based on the available evidence, that the documented shots were all fired from the reported location of law enforcement officers to the direction of the bedroom then occupied by Oswald Lewis, and that there was no physical evidence of shots fired by Mr. Lewis from the bedroom in the reported direction of the officers inside the house.
• Following completion of my investigation on February 25, 2016, I provided Mr. Stern with an oral report of my findings. I did not hear from Mr. Stern directly after I gave him that oral report, but I was later informed through my associate Dr. Brooke Kammrath that I would not be called to testify.

Peter R. De Forest
Sworn to this 10-Feb-2017

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