Gloria Lewis – Mother

My name is Gloria Lewis. I am addressing this honorable court for one purpose only, on behalf of my only son Oswald A. Lewis.. Your Honor, every mother has something good to say about her son, especially in situations such as this. However, this fact maybe true, I know for a fact this man is an exceptional and outstanding individual and very gracious prudent human being.

I am always proud of how he carries himself. This was s surprise to all of us, as well as was to him. All his adult life was dedicated to his children. My home is filled with photos and videos of my son and he made true sacrifices for his children and his life, and they are connect in such a way that it would be a great disaster to loose the only man as every young girl need in her life to sustain a healthy, emotional wellbeing. We all help to keep them covered with the love and affection that he provided and it’s a strain on the entire family to feel this pain we all share. He is the only man in the house.

My concern is also of Oswald and his emotional wellbeing and his physical health. He has always held two jobs as a juvenile and was arrested decades ago. He has done so much and change from that age, that we sometimes forget those days. This situation is very unusual for the entire family. We are not use to visiting prisons, and seeing one of our own in a predicament such as this.

I don’t understand the complex legal system that you do but I do know that my son is not the average African American male that enters your courtroom. He was raised in a loving caring home that respects the law and other people. He was raised around a family of love and world of education. I know he feels greatly trouble by this situation and I know he did not do what I heard and I know this because he had too much to lose and he would never leave his children to fend for themselves at this stage in there life, when they really need his guidance. I know he was in fear of his life when he shot that day into the air conditioner. I always cry when I see those pictures of his face.

My only hope is that you understand that, hate in judgment only destroys lives and families. I pray the good lord guides you in any decision you make on Oswald Lewis because it is not just one life, it’s the entire family will be destroyed.

Thank you so much for your time. May God Bless you in your Judgment as you hold my son’s life in your hands.

Gloria Lewis.

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