What People are Saying

“I was at the trial and saw the whole thing this was a circus and the court should have never allowed this to go on. It was clear as day, Mr. Lewis trial was a set up form the start.”

“The fact is Mr. Lewis is an extremely productive individual who has endured a great deal of injuries from a group of bad law enforcement bad press and was convicted by lies.”

“It seem that nobody in authority wants to be the one to admitted the truth, its much easier for them to look the other way and destroy a person life as if he was useless.  This is the system we have and it stinks.”

“How does police execute a warrant that’s no good, shoot someone unarmed, force them to fire warning shots while screaming for help, arrest them and then beat them up in handcuffs and planted evidence inside an apartment and give the guy twenty years. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!”

“I remember a case where a NYPD police officer shot and killed a man and was convicted in court of manslaughter and got community service for killing a human being.  Now I see African American man who was acquitted of attempted murder in court and was sentence to over twenty years in prison for assault even though no injuries occurred and absolutely no physical contact happened.  How could this be! Help me understand please!”

“This is the blatant unbalance justice system at work.”

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